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Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Add one below!
Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Add one below!
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Welcome to the T.D.O.C Wiki! (The Dungeon of Cultists) T.D.O.C is a game where you can fight mobs, kill bosses, advance in loot, explore new places, and much more! If you want to know about the content and things in this game, be sure to read the articles below!

By the way, here is some 'background information.'

Rarities, rating from worst to least, or easiest to get to hardest to get: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Legendary means super, super rare is only rates on the final and best sword on each palace. Epic goes/rates on the second best sword in the palace. Also, just a note, Epic and Legendary are bold because they are very important. And the rest of the rarities are just normal because they are not that special.. Yeah, sorry swords.





The Forbidden Plains:

  • Starter Blade (LVL 1) Common.
  • Spiky Twig (LVL 2) Common.
  • Plastic Fusion (LVL 3) Uncommon.
  • Wooden Kunai (LVL 5) Common.
  • Wooden Blade (LVL 7) Uncommon.
  • Metal Rapier (LVL 9) Rare.
  • Metal Cross-blade (LVL 12) Uncommon.
  • Knife (LVL 15) Rare.
  • Water Infused Blade (LVL 18) Rare.
  • Ice Infused Rapier (LVL 21) Uncommon.
  • Burning Club (LVL 24) Common.
  • Flame Infused Blade (LVL 28) Rare.
  • Ghost Murderer (LVL 32) Epic.
  • Mother Nature (LVL 36) Legendary.

The Sulfuric Ocean:

  • Shark Head (LVL 40) Common.
  • Hydra Stinger (LVL 45) Rare.
  • Jellyfish Trident (LVL 50) Uncommon.
  • Sulfur Infused Hammer (LVL 55) Uncommon.
  • Obsidian Ocean Puncture (LVL 60) Uncommon.
  • Pirate Plank Club (LVL 65) Common.
  • Pirate Ghoul Skull (LVL 70) Rare.
  • Oceanic Fusion (LVL 75) Rare.
  • Dragon Slayer (LVL 80) Rare.
  • Captain's Cannon (LVL 85) Epic.
  • Cannonblaster (LVL 90) Rare.
  • The Ocean Flood (LVL 95) Legendary.

Underworld of Flames:

  • Hell Blade (LVL 95) Common.
  • Nexus Fire Rapier (LVL 100) Rare.
  • Dragonhell Slayer (LVL 105) Rare.
  • Demon Sigilcannon (LVL 110) Uncommon.
  • Demon Infused Killer (LVL 115) Rare.
  • Purple Demon Trident (LVL 120) Common.
  • Devil's Trident (LVL 125) Rare.
  • Godly Fire Tentacle (LVL 130) Common.
  • Devil's Doomwave (LVL 135) Epic.
  • The Heat Wave (LVL 140) Legendary.

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Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Add one below!


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